META001 Kamara - Dragonfly EP

Artist: Kamara
Title: Dragonfly
Release Date: Friday 14 December 2018
Format: Digital

Track one “Dragonfly” gets the EP moving with its buzzing kick drum and pitched vocals which spins and whirls around the track drawing you into its dark atmosphere. Leading in to the main breakdown it lifts up a gear when the throbbing bassline becoming the tracks driving force.

Drumcomplex for his remix of “Dragonfly” focuses of bringing out the percussive element with ride cymbals, distorted bells, and crunching claps all making up the core if its pulsating rhythms. Twisted and hypnotic, this spell bound version will tantalise the dance floor.

The deepest of the three tracks is “Snake Charmer” which is built around snare rolls and murky synths. Stripped back and spacious, it slowly builds tension with stabs of acid and explosive bursts as it slowly gets ready for take-off, and its immersive sound is impossible to ignore.