META004 Kamara - Deceptors EP

Artist: Kamara
Title: Deceptors EP
Release Date: Friday 15 may 2020
Format: Digital

Next up on Metamorphosa Kamara come with the label's fourth release.

Their ‘Deceptors EP’ comes with two original cuts from the guys that again cement the label's audio brand of club-orientated techno. A sound Kamara have been developing and playing in their live sets for sometime.

Following on from the last release, this EP has a heavier techno style than the label's earlier releases. The lead track ‘Deceptors’ has has an urgency about it that will no doubt create excitement on the dancefloor. It's arpeggiated lead sound raises the intensity levels throughout the track and keeps the listener hooked.

Next up is ‘Move Closer’ takes a slightly deeper yet sinister approach. Whilst the energy of the rhythm section is similar to the A-side, the synth work takes on a more acid and trippy approach. This one will get deep into the minds of late night ravers.