META002 Kamara - Intensify EP

Artist: Kamara
Title: Intensify EP
Release Date: Friday 05 june 2019
Format: Digital

Kamara release their second EP on their own 'Metamorphosa' imprint after the successful launch of the label earlier in the year.

Their 'Intensify EP' comes with two original cuts from the guys that further cement the labels audio brand of club-orientated techno with a distinctly melodic edge. A sound Kamara have been developing and playing in their live sets for sometime.

The lead track 'Intensify' comes with a heavy rhythm section, but develops into an emotive techno track that nails the balance of techno energy and heady melodies perfectly. Next up is 'Hinode' which carries on the emotive theme, the distinctive lead sound has a deeper introspective feel, but the listener is kept tuned in with energetic shuffling techno beats. Both tracks have a peak time to late night feel.

The Metamorphosa label has developed from Kamara running their event series in Arnhem, Holland, under the same brand. Before starting their own label, Dutch duo Kamara have previously contributed music to heavyweights including Christian Smith's Tronic and Uto Karem's Agile Recordings, alongside Bush Records, BluFin and Detone. Also traveling the world to DJ everywhere from China & Japan, to Norway & Iceland, the next logical step for Kamara has been set up their own label to have a label to call home.